The February school holidays are upon us and the kids are nagging for ears piercing?

Use our handy guide to get the best results.

Make sure you choose a reputable piercer.

Many studios out there will be advertising price drops in order to entice you into their studios, if going to these studios make sure you check for the following:

  • Ask to see the health authority registration certificate in the studio.  This is to show that the local council for the area has inspected the premises and is suitable for piercing.
  • If having your children lobes pierced, if using a gun, make sure the earrings are child sensitive or titanium.
  • Ensure the earrings are coming out of sterile packaging.
  • Ask as many questions as you want.  Any experienced and qualified piercer can answer your questions.
  • Just because they are trained to use a piercing gun does not make them a qualified piercer.  Anyone can train to use a piercing gun but it is only designed for lobes on the ears, nothing else.

Ensure the piercer is NOT using a gun for any area other than the lobes.

  • A piercing gun is designed only for the lobe areas of an ear.  Any reputable piercer will not use a gun for any other area as this can cause damage and trauma to cartilage.  Any other areas should be pierced with a needle.

Do not go to a persons house just because they are cheap.

Many people will be tempted to go to a persons house or have a so called “piercing party”.  Please, please, please do not do this.  There is such a risk of infection, diseases etc.  This is why it costs more to have it done in a studio as the people are trained and the premises certified to be used for this purpose.

Ask about the material of the jewellery

Ask the piercer about the material of the jewellery.  Many piercing places will try to cut costs by using a cheap metal which most of the time can cause problems with your Childs sensitive areas.  A good choice is Titanium as there is very little nickel in this material.