tattooing questions

How old do I need to be in order to get a tattoo?2024-04-01T00:23:03+01:00

The minimum age to get a tattoo in the UK is 18 as per the tattooing of minors act 1969.

No studios in the UK are allowed to accept any sort of parental consent for anyone under this age and any studio found doing so should be reported to their local council and the police.

How do I book a tattoo with you?2024-04-01T00:36:17+01:00

It is usually best to come into the studio to speak with us in person so we can discuss face to face with you your requirements.  You can also contact us via our social media pages or by the contact page on this site.  We will require a non refundable desposit for your booking.

How much is a tattoo.2024-04-01T00:38:27+01:00

Tattoo prices vary depending on the size, style and time required for the tattoo.

We can not give you a price for a full sleeve etc as it is just not possible to guess the amount of time needed.

Our minumum charge is £50 and it is £80 per hour.

Our artists also offer full day sessions for £450.

Can I reschedule my tattoo session with new dates?2024-04-01T00:34:36+01:00

Providing you contact us with a least 48hrs notice then we can re-schedule your tattoo session.

Not showing up for your appointment or last minute rescheduling will result in the loss of your deposit.

Can I see the custom tattoo design before my appointment?2024-04-01T00:33:11+01:00

When you book your tattoo, your ideas are discussed and design is agreed between you and the artist.  Because we have so many designs to complete for clients, a lot of the time sending the design before the appointment can be an issue so we always ensure that we have enough time on your appointment date in case any changes are needed to the design.

body piercing questions

Do you have jewellery for sensitive skin?2024-04-01T00:26:14+01:00

Our piercer only uses titanium jewellery which is suitable for people who are allergic to nickel.

We also sell plastic jewellery for hyper sensitive people.

I just want to buy jewellery, Do I need an appointment?2024-04-01T00:19:37+01:00

No you dont need an appointment.

How old do I have to be to get a piercing done?2024-04-01T00:29:08+01:00

For genital & intimate piercings – 18+

Standard piercings 16+ without parental/guardian consent, below 16 with parental/guardian consent.

Naval piercings 14+ with parental/guardian consent.

Dermal implants 18+

Childrens ears ages 4+ with parental/guardian consent.

Will it hurt getting a piercing?2024-04-01T00:24:50+01:00

Piercings in different areas all feel different and every client has a different pain tolerance.  Our experienced body piercer can dicsuss this with you and answer any questions about the piercing.

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